3 Pack LifeLite Full Spectrum Light LED - 7 Watt MR16

Enjoy the refreshing brightness of LifeLite with excellent color rendering (CRI>90) and daylight color temperature (2700K) with the benefits of LED technology.

Product #: LL-LEDMR16D7-27R90

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3 Pack LifeLite Full Spectrum Light LED - 7 Watt MR16

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Product Description

Improve the quality of light in your home, workplace, schools, shops, art galleries, offices, clinics, spas and more. This LED MR16 bulb from LifeLite provides optimal color rendering to enable accurate color recognition and supports your reading comfort. The color temperature is like daylight at noon time under a clear sunny sky.

All LifeLite full spectrum daylight LEDs are built to the highest quality standards, tested in independent laboratories in Germany and Canada. They are CSA and CE approved and driven by the latest highly efficient Japanese super chip.

Using just 7 Watts, this LED bulb will help you save on your hydro bill and reduce CO2 emission and is as bright as a 35 Watt halogen bulb.

Key Features:

  • Save 85% of your energy cost
  • 12x halogen / 25x Incandescent
  • Long life, lasts up to 25,000 hours, On/Off x 20,000 times
  • Mercury Free (Hg=0.0mg)
  • Quick start, 100% illumination in 0sec

See the beauty of true colors, optimize your reading and visual comfort with LifeLite® LED.


UPC 4260238618675
Manufacturer LifeLite
Model Number: LL-LEDMR16D7-27R90
Power: 7w
Luminous flux: 450 lm
Equivalent incandescent: 50w
Efficiency: 65 lm/w
Power consumption: 7kwh/1000 hrs

Estimated energy cost per year:
(based on a 3h/day and 11 c/kWh)

Colour temperature: 2700 k (softwhite)
Colour rendering index (CRI): >90
Power factor: >0.75
Beam angle: 60̊ 
Quick Start: 100%<1sec
Input voltz/hz: 120VAC/60Hz
Average life span : >25000 hrs
Average life span with 3h/day: 22.3 years
Mercury Free: Hg=0.0mg
Can be used with dimmers: yes, with LED dimmers
Socket: GU5.3
Ambient temperature: -20̊C->50̊C 
Dimension: 50mm x 51mm
Net weight: 70g
EAN number: 4260238618675
Warranty: 3 years
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