Use Light to Cure Your Winter Blues

sad lights

Does the winter have you feeling sad?  I know it does for me.  I grew up with warm winters but currently live in a climate that sees plenty of snow each winter.  The cold winter months can have me feeling down-right sad.  For some, however, this sadness is very real.  SAD is an actual disease.  It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder is a kind of depressive disease that affects people during the winter months.  It is a very serious case of the winter blues.  Seasonal Affective Disorder can cause you to gain weight, feel depressed, become reclusive and be sad.  It is brought on by a lack of sunlight. 

The body uses sunlight in a number of ways.  It acts like a rejuvenating power and it can be detrimental when it is absent in your life.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  It is called light therapy.  Light therapy is conducted each day to ward off the winter blues.  It uses higher energy light to simulate the sunlight and help your body fight Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Light therapy is a proven method to battle this depression.  It is often the only treatment solution when working with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The winter blues can be a difficult thing to treat in long, cold winter months.  Light therapy can help your body feel like it’s summer, even if it is not.

Many Shades of Lighting

sad lights

Because we are becoming more and more aware of the effects of sunlight and lack of sunlight on SAD sufferers, more and more prescriptions are being written for SAD lighting rather than drugs that alter moods internally through artificial means. Because of this fact, lighting created for SAD sufferers is becoming very popular and the styles and designs are varying more widely.

From little fold up lights you can place in your briefcase or luggage to lighting for your home, these lights are showing up everywhere. There are floor lamps with tables attached where you can set your morning coffee, read a paper or book and enjoy the full spectrum lighting streaming down from above. There are some mini lights that are designed to brighten your mood and there are still others that are designed to sanitize your toothbrush.

Imagine, getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth with a toothbrush sanitized by light. Washing your face and preparing for the day in front of a full spectrum light meant to not only brighten your mood, but also help you with skin care, then sitting down for a cup of coffee and a nice relaxing read under a full spectrum light before starting your day. Not having to worry about the weather outside, be it dark and dreary, raining, overcast, foggy or any other condition that might deprive you of the healthful effects of natural sunlight.

Human Conditions

sad lights

As a species, humans are energetic, clever beings. We have risen above all other creatures because of our ingenuity and our ability to think things through. To find solutions to our problems and create tools to help us with things we need to do. Our ingenuity and inventive nature has helped us overcome handicaps and diseases. As time and technology has gone on, we have discovered the causes of many of the different afflictions our race deals with.

This is the case with SAD or Seasonal Afflictive Disorder. We have found that people suffering from this are not people suffering from a depression only treatable by drugs, they are people specifically affected by the lack of sunlight during winter months, or any time where there are days that are overcast, rainy or in any other way darkened.

We have now found that we can interrupt this cycle of sadness with brightness. This brightness comes from full spectrum lighting that is meant to imitate the effects of sunlight on the human body, allowing such things as the metabolizing of vitamins. With this full spectrum lighting, a SAD sufferer can look forward to a day of brightness, and a real, genuine good outlook on life, rather than one created by ingesting artificial mood enhancers such as the drugs that were previously prescribed for this condition.

SAD Days

sad lights

Like many other illnesses, Seasonal Affective Disorder has been around a long long time. Only recently have we started gaining in knowledge and understanding about it in the medical field. Generally people that suffered from SAD were said to be clinically depressed and clinically depressed people were always treated with mood altering drugs, kind of an artificial high that didn’t address the real underlying situation.

People that suffer from SAD are more highly affected by the lack of sunlight during the day. Because of this, winter tends to be very hard for them, they are likely to become depressed and detached during these times. They are likely to eat more comfort food which makes them gain weight which then adds to their depression in a vicious cycle. Now that there is an understanding of what they are going through, these people can finally get help from the medical field and not in the form of a pill.

The medical field has found that bright, full spectrum lighting has a very positive effect on these people. Prescriptions for SAD lighting are becoming more commonplace and people are beginning to spend many happy hours basking under these lights rather than taking mood altering pills. The lights help energize these people and raise their spirits so they can go about their daily lives without worrying about the dreary nature of winter.

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