Another Day of Darkness

sad lights

Winter days can be long and dreary and often be followed by yet another day of dreariness and even another one after that. Winter feels like a low energy time of year and maybe that is why some animals hibernate, but we don’t have that choice. We must go about our business, feed ourselves, take care of our responsibilities and live our lives irrespective of the weather conditions.

Dreary winter days are characterized by lack of sunshine and some form of cloud cover, be it fog, an overall uniform thickness of clouds or dark imposing clouds. This may also be accompanied by drizzle or all out rain. All of this serves to put a very sad, depressed feeling to the world outside. It is only natural for this feeling to carry through to the world inside. Without the sun to brighten the world outdoors and to spill in through the windows of your home, your home is likely to take on that same dreary feeling. 

You can save yourself the depressing feelings caused by winter days by putting multi spectrum or full spectrum lighting in your house. This lighting will brighten up your home and give you the feeling of a sunny day. After basking in the light put out by these wonderful devices, you will feel more rejuvenated and brighter, more ready to face your day and all the responsibilities it holds for you.

Diurnal Delight

sad lights

Nocturnal creatures have no use for sunlight. They have large eyes to take in the dim and darkness of the world during the night time hours. They get their vitamins, minerals and whatever else they need from the diurnal creatures and plants they eat. Their bodily functions are not helped by the daylight hours in which they snooze away in the darkness of their burrows or caves.

We are diurnal creatures. We need the sunlight not only to survive, but also to feel well and healthy. In reasonable quantities, our bodies revel in the sunlight; it helps us with our ability to absorb certain vitamins. Sometimes life makes it so we are not able to get out in the sunlight as much as our bodies would like, either because of lifestyle or because of a long string of somber days. At times like this, our bodies may react to the lack of sunshine by putting us in somber, lazy, even depressed moods.

In the past, we have had no respite from the somber days, but technology has brought us a way to help our bodies get through. We now have multi spectrum or full spectrum lighting available that we can use anywhere. It comes so portable that you can carry it in your brief case or it can be a light that is installed in your home that you can bask under and read a book or just relax. This lighting is meant to have similar effects to the sun.

SAD And Exercise

Exercise is an important part of dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Light therapy without the addition of exercise is not as effective as the two in unison. Exercise by it’s nature gets your body warmed up, more awake and alert, it gets the bodily fluids moving and has a brightening affect. Individuals that suffer from SAD generally are rather sedentary because of the affliction or in general and may need some prompting by friends and family to get up and get out and get some exercise.

If you have a friend that you suspect has this affliction, you will do them some good by getting them out and moving. Maybe going for a walk, going to the mall, going on an adventure. Something like horseback riding would be a wonderful experience not only because of the interaction with a gentle, animal, but also the natural movement of a horse exercises the muscles of the body in a very low impact manner. Anything to get their thought and body processes into a higher gear. With their body more in motion, they will better be able to ward off the feelings of depression and despair related to the affliction. That, coupled with consistent doses of light therapy will help your friend or family member ward off the emotionally crippling affects of seasonal affective disorder.

Beat The Mid-Winter Blues

sad lights

If you’re happy, energetic and maybe somewhat over the top during the summer and transition to sad, depressed, have a lack of energy, your dietary habits change, your interaction with people changes, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The ability to diagnose this condition is only about fifteen years old though the condition itself has been around much longer.

Many people suffering from this disorder have a whole change of outlook on life between the winter and summer months, often contemplating suicide during the worst months of the affliction. In the past, this has been diagnosed as clinical depression and has been dealt with by heavy doses of mood altering drugs, but this is no longer the case. It has been discovered that people suffering from this affliction can greatly be affected in a positive manner by multi spectrum lighting. This lighting can help take the place of what the sun would normally accomplish during the sunny summer months. This along with exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder without the influx of heavy drugs into the individual’s system. Doctors are more and more prescribing light therapy over conventional drugs when it comes to suffers of this affliction and their success rate with this type of treatment is very promising. As technology marches forward, these lights continue to become better and better representatives of the sunlight they seek to imitate.

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