Different Kinds Of Sunlamps For Treating SAD

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Sunlamps are a great way for people with SAD to get relief in many cases. Getting the right kind of sunlamp, though, is important. Older ones didn’t work as well as the newer ones do, and there are size and intensity differences, as well. How severe your SAD is can affect what kind of sunlamp you want to get.

Large Sunlamps

If you have a very serious problem with SAD and struggle with it every winter, you’ll want to http://sadtherapylamps.com/learn-more-about-seasonal-affective-disorder#answer13” title=“consider a large, powerful sunlamp”>consider a large, powerful sunlamp. If you spend some time sitting with it on each day, you should feel better. Your body will think that you’re getting more natural sunlight, and that will help to boost your mood and energy levels.

Smaller Sunlamps

When you use a smaller sunlamp you won’t get as much benefit. That’s a problem if you have a lot of difficulty with SAD. If you have a milder case, though, you might be able to use a smaller sunlamp that you won’t need as often. Your doctor can help you choose what you need.

Does Intensity Matter?

Some lamps are stronger than others. If you aren’t sure what will work the best for you, you’ll need to work with your doctor to find the right balance between light and darkness. You can get better, but it may take a while, and patience is important.

When it comes down to finding out what works for you, your doctor can provide the options and suggestions but only you know how you feel. If you aren’t feeling better after a few weeks, it’s important to talk with your doctor about doing something else. Keep trying until you find what works.

SAD And The Brain

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SAD is a serious medical condition, but what causes it is still up for debate in the minds of a lot of people. Most agree, though, that it’s tied to the way the brain processes sunlight and the feelings that it provides to the rest of the body during days where there are more hours of sunlight.

Will Sunlamps Correct All SAD Cases?

Unfortunately, having a sunlamp doesn’t necessarily mean that SAD will go away. It can help, but the brain’s chemistry is complex. It doesn’t always respond the way you assume it will, and it doesn’t always respond in one person the way it does in another.

How To Re-Train The Brain

Sometimes, medications are given for SAD in an effort to retrain the brain into thinking that everything is good. This can work in some people, but it doesn’t always work. It has the same problem as sunlamps in that every person is different and has to find what works for him or her.

Finding The Right Treatment And Balance

It’s not always easy to find the right treatment or treatments for problems like SAD. In addition, there has to be a balance there for any treatment plan. With that in mind, it’s a little bit of trial and error in order to find exactly what works for you.

If you have SAD, talk to your doctor. He can help you find something that will work for you. Even if you’ve tried treatments in the past, don’t assume that there isn’t anything else that will work for you. Keep trying until you find the right option.

New Treatments Are Available For SAD

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The acronym SAD is short for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it affects a lot of people. That’s especially true in the winter months when the days are shorter and there isn’t as much warmth or sunlight. For years, SAD wasn’t well understood and a lot of doctors didn’t take it seriously. With new advances in medicine, though, things have changed for people who suffer with SAD.

How Was It Treated In The Past?

SAD sufferers were often treated for clinical depression, and they were put on antidepressants all year round. Some of them were also given sunlamps which weren’t as advanced as the ones in used today, and there was always the suggestion to move to a sunnier climate if they could.

How Is It Treated Now?

Now, SAD is better understood, although there are still debates about what actually causes it and whether it’s a genetic mutation, a chemical imbalance, or something else entirely. Sunlamps are still used, but they’re much better than the older ones, and they work well for a lot of people. Medications have also improved.

Are There Other Options?

If you don’t want to take medication, don’t want to (or can’t) move to a sunnier climate, and don’t get relief from sunlamps, there are still other options. Holistic treatments are out there, and you can consider them, as well.

No matter what causes SAD, how long you’ve had it, and what treatments you’ve been given already, you still have options that you can consider if you haven’t gotten relief.

Genetic Mutations And SAD

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Is SAD a genetic mutation? Some studies are saying that it is, which is a new idea when it comes to what causes it and how to treat it. Because genetic mutations aren’t common, they aren’t likely to be the cause of all of the cases of SAD out there. Some researchers believe, though, that this genetic mutation makes people undersensitive to sunlight, causing SAD symptoms.

Is It Dangerous?

Like most genetic mutations, the one that potentially causes SAD isn’t considered to be something dangerous or life-threatening. It’s just a difference in a person, like eye color or other attributes. However, if SAD is left untreated it can be something dangerous because it can lead to severe depression.

How To Treat SAD The Right Way

If you think you might have SAD, don’t try to go it alone. See your doctor or a therapist (or both), so you can get proper treatment. Untreated, SAD may only get worse, and that won’t help you at all. It’s much better to catch SAD when it’s just beginning and get it treated before too many winters go by.

What If You’ve Had SAD A Long Time?

Even if you’ve been struggling with SAD for a very long time, don’t feel like you can’t get treatment for it. There are new treatments available and doctors are always working on things that can help their patients succeed and feel better. Even if you weren’t helped before, it’s time to try again.

No matter what’s causing your SAD, seeing your doctor can put you on the road to treatment. Make sure to take the time to improve your health. It’s a great investment.

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