How To Get More Sunlight To Help With SAD

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Most of the people who struggle with SAD do so because of a lack of sunlight. Their bodies need it, and they don’t process it in the same way other people do. Because they aren’t as sensitive to it they need more to keep them going, especially in the wintertime when it’s cold and dark and dreary.

Finding More Sunlight

For some people, the effect of SAD is so pervasive that they move out of areas of the country that traditionally don’t see a lot of sunlight, like the Pacific Northwest. They go to Arizona, Nevada, Florida, or another state where there is a lot of sunshine all year round.

What If You Can’t Move?

Not everyone can pack up and move just because they want to. They have to stay where they are and find another way to deal with SAD. Sunlamps are a good choice, because they trick the body into thinking that the days are longer. You can also go out in the sun for a few minutes, even when it’s cold, so your body can make the vitamin D that it needs.

When Sunlight Isn’t Enough

If sunlight just isn’t enough for you, there are therapies and medications that you can also consider for SAD. That’s good news to the SAD sufferers who don’t see that they’re getting any benefit from sunlamps or who can’t spend more time outside.

Don’t try to deal with SAD alone. It’s a serious condition, and one that’s treatable. Talk to your doctor and let him help you find a treatment plan that works well for you and your particular case of SAD. Everyone is different, but there’s a treatment out there for you.

SAD Sufferers Are Undersensitive To Light

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According to some studies, people who suffer from SAD aren’t as sensitive to light as the rest of the population. They need more light, because the standard amount that people get, especially in the gloomier winter months, isn’t enough to keep them happy and keep their bodies going properly.

Are All SAD Sufferers Like That?

Like any study, there are reasons to believe it and not believe it. Because every person on the planet who has SAD wasn’t included in the study, it’s impossible to say that everyone with SAD is undersensitive to sunlight. However, some people do seem to have that problem as a cause for their SAD.

Can Light Sensitivity Be Adjusted?

Because a person can’t just be made more (or less) sensitive to light, people who are undersensitive to it will always be that way. Fortunately for them, there are ways that they can counteract the way they feel when it’s gloomy and grey outside. One of these is through the use of sunlamps to trick their body into thinking it’s getting more sunlight, but there are other ways, as well.

Will Medications Affect SAD?

Some medications do make people more light sensitive, but that doesn’t mean that they would correct the problem a SAD sufferer has. Plus, these medications can have side effects and they are prescribed for conditions unrelated to SAD, like blood pressure and other issues.

If you’re dealing with SAD and you’re undersensitive to light, a sunlamp could be just the thing for you. Talk to your doctor, and he can advise you on the best choices for your particular SAD diagnosis.

What Chemicals Affect SAD?

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SAD is affected by the same or similar chemicals that affect depression and anxiety. These chemicals include mood boosters and mood relaxers. When these chemicals get out of whack with one another, depression, anxiety, and other mental issues can result.

How Do Chemicals Make People Depressed?

Chemicals can cause depression when they don’t balance the way that they should. The nervous system and brain need these chemicals to function properly, and they struggle when the chemicals aren’t right. It bothers some people more strongly than others.

Are Medications The Answer?

For some people who have SAD, medications can be the answer. Other people need sunlamps, talk therapy, CBT, or other options. Like many health problems, especially those where mental health is concerned, there is a little bit of trial and error. Not every treatment will work well for every person, so it’s important that you get the treatment that’s right for you.

Sunlamps Can Help

Whether you’re taking medication or not, having a sunlamp may also help you. Because these lamps mimic natural sunlight, they help the body produce more vitamin D and think that the days are longer. That makes them happier and can alleviate the depression that they would otherwise face.

No two people with SAD are exactly alike, so be sure that you take the time to find the right treatment for you if you’re suffering. By doing that, you’ll have a lot better chance of feeling better, no matter what time of year it is or what the weather’s like.

SAD And Vitamin D: Is There A Link?

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Some people say that SAD isn’t real, and that it’s just a made-up illness. Others handle it very scientifically and say that the lack of light in the winter months can alter brain chemicals, making a person depressed. Vitamin D is also lost during that time, so is there a link between SAD and vitamin D?

What Causes SAD?

The exact causes of SAD are difficult to state, just like the exact causes of depression or anxiety. There are chemical differences in the brains of people with these conditions, but scientists can’t say whether the chemical difference caused the condition, or whether the chemical differences are a result of the condition.

What About Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential to our health, and the best way to get it is through the body’s natural production of it. For that, the body needs sunlight. Without that sunlight, it’s much more difficult for a person to get enough vitamin D, and supplements are needed.

Will Vitamin D Supplements Cure SAD?

While taking vitamin D supplements certainly won’t hurt a SAD sufferer, there’s no direct evidence that it will help them, either. There is more at work in the brain of the SAD sufferer than just an absence of vitamin D.

If you suffer from SAD, good nutrition is important. However, make sure you’re proactive about your health. See your doctor and follow the recommendations that he has for you when it comes to treating your condition. That can help you feel much better overall, and get through the wintertime a lot more easily.

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