SAD In The News

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SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, strikes a lot of people. They get depressed in the long winter months when there are a lot of grey skies, not as long of periods of daylight, and more rain and cold weather. While some people thrive in those kinds of conditions, many do not.

What New With SAD?

SAD, fortunately, is not something that people can’t get any help with. There are treatments for it, and some of them are relatively new things that haven’t been tried before. They have the opportunity to bring relief to a lot of people, and they include new and better sunlamps, medications, and therapies.

Who Gets SAD?

Anyone can get SAD, but scientists now believe that there might be a gene that causes it in some people and not others. In other words, the susceptibility to SAD could be a genetic defect that could be treated once the gene is properly isolated. That could stop even the most susceptible people from feeling blue when it’s grey outside.

Strides Are Being Made

It’s important to know that people are still working on new and better treatments for SAD. Anyone who suffers from the disorder should know that there is hope out there for them, even if conventional treatments haven’t been helpful.

If you have SAD, make sure you see your doctor. He can offer you treatment options that can help you to feel better.

Are You Tired Of Waking Up In The Dark?

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Many people around the globe have to wake up rather early to go into to work.  This can be difficult when the sun is not shining and it is dark outside.  It sends a message to your brain to go back to sleep.  Although after a while your brain gets used to it, you may find it difficult to cope with the early mornings.

Dawn Simulators

If you are tired of waking up in the dark, try utilizing a dawn simulator in the morning.  This device works like an alarm clock and it simulates the sunrise.  It effectively tricks the brain into thinking it is time to get up.  It will help you to feel less tired and happy in the early mornings.  And, use of it will reset your biological clock.

Other Benefits

In addition, this device will help wake you up naturally.  You will avoid the buzzer.  It will feel nice to wake up to light for a change.  And, this light will have a positive effect on your life.  It will stimulate serotonin production in your brain.  The increased serotonin levels will help to elevate your mood and decrease your risk for certain mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder.

The Clear Skin Answer

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Are you having skin problems?  If you are, you are not alone.  There are a number of different people – men and women, teenagers and adults that struggle with acne.  We all want clear skin.  However, attaining clear skin can be a problem.  For this reason, many of us invest a lot of money into expensive skin care products that often prove ineffective.  Perhaps the answer is to try a new approach.  Instead of putting something topically on your skin, try light therapy.

Light Therapy

Light therapy has become a popular treatment method for many different types of conditions.  Although many people use light therapy to overcome mental illnesses, research indicates that light therapy is also effective against acne.  It is less harsh on the skin and can be more effective at getting rid of the problem.

How It Works

Although it sounds like another costly endeavor, light therapy is actually an affordable option.  Most patients find results by using a basic light box.  This light is 10 times stronger than a normal light.  Daily use of this light in a person’s home is an effective way to treat the problem.  If you are suffering with acne, it may be your solution.  Try it today.

The Benefits Of A Support System

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There are many alternatives to aid individuals that are suffering from SAD.  One of the top treatment options people take advantage of is light therapy.  This treatment option is extremely effective and can help reduce the occurrence of SAD related symptoms during the winter.  However, many people feel that they still feel SAD.

A Personal Battle

Sadly, dealing with a mental illness like SAD can be a personal battle.  Those individuals that fight this condition often deal with depression like symptoms that are sometimes severe.  While the treatment options that the doctors recommend are helpful, often patients need to take personal steps on their own to get better as well.

Support Groups

One idea many people like is joining a support group.  They participate regularly in support groups with individuals that are struggling with the same issues.  They learn from each other and begin to develop a unique support system.  This type of environment is something that medicine and light therapy cannot provide.  It is a great addition to the treatment options you are already doing and will help you as you seek to get better.  Talk to your doctor about support groups in your area.  Chances are there is one near by that you can join.

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