Shine Some Light On Your Life

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During the winter, there are days when it can be particularly dark.  Even during the daytime, sometimes the sun does not shine.  If this happens for one day, it is usually a little bit frustrating.  However, after several days with no sun, life can appear depressing.  Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder because of it.  If you struggle with the lack of sunlight during the winter, you might consider implementing light therapy in your life.

Light Therapy

According to experts, light therapy is the best-known treatment for SAD.  Although there are other methods for treating this condition, using a SAD lamp is the most effective method for treating your SAD and reversing your symptoms.  The reason these lamps are so effective at treating SAD is because they add light back into your life.  They work to mimic the sunlight that is sometimes lost during the winter.  And, they can even help you maintain a regular sleeping schedule.

Lamps In All Shapes And Sizes

The great thing about SAD lamps is that they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You can choose the own that is convenient for you.  It will allow you to begin treating your symptoms and hopefully feel happier, optimistic and healthier!

Working Overtime?

sad lights

A lot of people out there have to work long hours.  While this may be good for their paycheck, the long hours can be physically grueling and mentally difficult overtime.  After awhile, working long hours can be difficult.  And, sooner or later you are going to get worn out.  In addition, those that work long hours are more at risk for mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses seem to be common among the overworked individuals.  Why?  Too often they do not get the sleep necessary to function at working capacity.  And, after awhile their body suffers.  They do not handle the stress as well and they are more susceptible to mental illnesses and even physical illnesses

Combating The Problem

One idea to help combat the problem is implementing light therapy at your desk.  Although it may not solve the problem completely, it could make a huge impact.  In several mental illness cases, light therapy has proven to be extremely effective.  And, it is typically helpful for those that sit at a desk all day and do not have access to sunlight.  The sun can help stimulate serotonin and decrease the problems associated with mental illnesses.  Therefore, if you do not have time to spend in the sun, spend time with bright lights.  It will make a difference.

It’s Time To Be Happy

sad lights

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody were happy all year around?  Sadly, due to circumstances this is not possible.  Though people aim for happiness in their lives, sometimes they are faced with disappointment.  And, sometimes, situations can be depressing.  In fact, for many even the weather can have a negative affect on their emotions.  For this reason, many people suffer from the winter blues.  And, in some severe cases, some people struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Overcoming SAD

Those who suffer from SAD deal with a type of depression that lasts throughout the winter.  This condition is brought about because of the lack of sunlight outside and the shortened daylight.  Although it may be difficult to deal with the winter, it is not impossible to overcome the side effects that result from SAD.  Happiness is possible.  Many doctors treat patients that suffer from SAD each winter season.

Treatment Options

To help aid you in attaining happiness, you might consider implementing light therapy each day.  Use of light therapy will help mimic the sunlight where it is lost.  In addition, it will allow you to quickly overcome some of the negative symptoms you are experiencing.  Hopefully,  you can avoid the winter blues and experience happiness in the winter.

The Winter Weight

sad lights

It’s the middle of winter.  Have you stepped on your scale recently?  If you are like most people, your answer is probably no.  Why?  You already know that you have gained a few pounds.  Traditionally, we all gain a few pounds in the winter.  However, if you did not want those extra pounds around your waist, you might want to start doing something about it.

Why We Gain Weight In The Winter

We gain weight during the winter for many reasons.  However, two of the top reasons are excess eating and inactivity.  Both of these habits are characteristics of individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder – a type of depression that occurs during the winter.  Although winter weight does not mean you have SAD, it is important to evaluate your life and make sure you think twice before eating that extra slice of pizza or avoiding the gym.  What are your reasons for doing so and why?

Avoiding And Losing The Winter Weight

Individuals that are happy tend to maintain their weight through the winter.  Sure they might put on a few extra pounds during the holidays, but they usually lose it after.  Why?  They return to normal activity.  Most likely they are more active and they have a healthier diet than most individuals.

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