Avoiding Boredom

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One of the major problems that can increase Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms is boredom.  It may sound odd, however, individuals that suffer from boredom are more likely to experience negative side effects due to SAD.  How do you combat this?  Is there a way to avoid boredom?

Staying Busy

Although for some boredom cannot be avoided entirely, it is important to stay busy.  Some people get bored because they lack motivation because they are SAD.  Therefore they put off tasks and choose to sit around and do nothing.  This decision is unwise and can be detrimental to one’s health.  Instead, try to remain busy.  Keep your calendar full so that you are not sitting around worrying or allowing yourself the time to feel SAD.

Try New Things

In addition, consider trying new activities.  It may not be easy to step out of your comfort zone; however, in the end, trying new things can be fun and rewarding.  When you do something new it will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you to fill your day with something positive.  And, new things are definitely better than sitting around all day being bored!  Try something new today.  It could open up a whole new world for you!

You Are Not Alone

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Michael Jackson has sung these four words over and over again, “You are not alone.”  Throughout life, individuals long to feel a part of something and avoid situations that leave them feeling left out.  If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you might feel as though you are alone.  However, like Michael once sang, you are not alone.  There are many people that suffer from this condition.

SAD Is More Common Today

Today, it is more common for individuals to be diagnosed with SAD.  Many people question why this is the case.  Is it because there is less sunlight in the sky?  Not necessarily.  The reality is we understand medicine a lot better than we used to.  Therefore, we are much more familiar about rare conditions than we used to be.  In the past, those that suffered from SAD might have been misdiagnosed.  Today, we have a better chance at catching the condition and treating it properly.

Someone You Know May Have SAD

In addition, if you live in a cold area that has limited access to sunlight during the winter, there is a good chance someone you know might have SAD.  In areas like these, it is relatively common for individuals to be affected by the climate and temperature changes.  Thus, if you have been affected, chances are you are not the only person.  Also, the good news is, treating SAD is easy.  Most people find success with light therapy.

Work Away The Sadness

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Winter can be a sad time for many people.  It can be depressing when the sun does not shine as often and the daylight does not last as long.  Do you feel this way?  You are not alone.  You are among one of the many that suffer from the winter blues.  And, you could be among the few whose symptoms are severe enough to have a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  While you may feel SAD, sitting around will only make it worse.  Instead, start working.

The Value Of Work

There is so much value to be gained from working.  Typically work translates into money, which is helpful for survival.  However, work can be found in all forms.  Yes you can work at your job daily.  However, you can also perform work in other aspects of your life.  You can work around the house.  Perhaps there are projects that need attending to.  In addition, you can work to help others.  You can also work on a diet and exercise plan that will benefit you mentally and physically.  As you work, you will find that your mind will have something to focus on other than what is causing you to be SAD.

Lose Yourself In Work

Although you don’t need to become a workaholic, try to lose yourself in work.  If possible, work at maintaining a busy schedule that allows you to stay occupied throughout the day.  This way you are not bored or distracted.

Fighting Mental Illnesses

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In today’s times, people are constantly being diagnosed with mental illnesses.  There are a variety of mental illnesses that affect many people ranging from the most severe of problems to those issues that are more minor.  Because of the number of cases with mental illnesses, many people wonder if they can fight it.  For example, is a mental illness like Seasonal Affective Disorder as easy to fight off as the common cold?  The truth is, it depends.
A lot of the factors involving mental illnesses depend on your circumstances.  If things are going well in your life, then you might not be at risk for developing a mental illness.  However, certain circumstances can lead to mental problems.  Those that develop SAD often struggle with winter depression.  The winter circumstances are hard on them mentally; therefore they react emotionally.  The same can be true with other problems.
Fighting The Problem
While each mental illness is different, it is important that you fight it.  No issue should be left alone.  Instead, seek help from a medical professional.  A doctor can help you with your options whether they be prescriptions or light therapy.  Talk to someone today if you are struggling emotionally.  You will be glad you did.

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