Are SAD And Cabin Fever The Same?

sad lights

In the past, when people got depressed and glum over the winter months, people said they had cabin fever because they were cooped up and couldn’t do much until springtime. Now, that cabin fever has been dubbed SAD and given options for treatment. While the two might not be exactly the same, the basics behind them are similar.

What Does SAD Feel Like?

SAD can be different for everyone, depending on the particular sufferer. However, a lot of people find that they feel depressed, lethargic, and unhappy when the winter months come around and they don’t get as much sunlight. They can have trouble in both their personal and professional lives.

Who Gets SAD?

Anyone can get SAD, but the majority of people who get it have a genetic predisposition to it. A large majority of them also live in areas of the country where there is less sunlight, such as the Pacific Northwest. Because they don’t get as much light, they’re more likely to feel depressed in the wintertime.

How To Treat SAD

Sunlamps are one of the most popular ways to treat SAD. They’re a great way to trick the body into thinking that it’s getting more sunlight, so that the person feels better and has more energy. They don’t work for everyone, but there are medications and talk therapies available, as well.

Anyone with SAD, or who suspects that he might have SAD, should see his doctor. It’s the best way to explore treatment options and find what works for him.