Which Is The Best SAD Lamp Brand?

sad lights

The best SAD lamp is the one that works best for your specific treatment needs. Light therapy works best when it is properly attuned to your body and your lifestyle so that ultimately you are able to experience relief from the symptoms of a light deficiency.

A light box is a metal box whose basic components are a bulb and a diffuser. These are the elements that help to customize the type of light that you receive, its intensity, its brightness, even its spectrum and wavelength are important to your therapy. The box itself should be angled so that you may comfortable pursue other activities when using it. The strength of the light you are receiving should be around 10,000 lux so as to mimic full sunlight. Your diffuser should have a UV filter in order to protect your eyes during treatment. These are the basics.

One of the better types of light box is the full spectrum box. It has a full range of light, imitates the sun, and has a bluish cast. Another strong contender is the broad spectrum box which is similar, but doesn’t contain UV rays in its spectrum. If you need the light while traveling, you might consider a portable light box. Finally, there is the dawn simulator, which is a nice accompaniment to light therapy in its own right. Any of these models could be the right one for you so its best to carefully consider before picking your light box.