Clean Deeper with Verilux’s Cleanwave Line

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Clean the healthier, environmentally friendly way with the power of UV light, and kill 99.9% of bacteria, molds, Dust Mites and Fleas without the use of harmful, corrosive chemicals.

The life cycle of the average male dust mite ranges between 10 and 19 days, while a mated female house dust mite can live up to 70 days, laying 60 to 100 eggs over the last 5 weeks of her life. In an average 10 week lifespan, a house dust mite will produce nearly 2000 fecal particles in addition to an even greater number of partially digested enzyme-covered dust particles. Does this seem like something you want living within your sofa or mattress? Likely not. The allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common instigators of asthma. Good indicators that you are suffering from the presence of these pests are itchiness, sneezing, inflamed or infected eczema, watering/reddening eyes, runny nose and clogging in the lungs. The frequent washing and vacuuming of soft surfaces is an obvious step in the termination of house dust mites, but there is another way to catch them in their tracks.. and that is with sanitizing UV light. In addition to killing 99.9% of dust mites, UV light is extremely effective in the elimination of bacteria, including H1N1, as well as being an effective warrior against germs and mold. UV light also combats hard to kill Dust Mite eggs and Flea eggs, doing away with health risks safely and quickly.

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Enabling you to cover a wide surface area and kill those pesky, disease causing pests, the Cleanwave Series from Verilux offers a safe, effective alternative to the eradication process. In addition to light wands and furniture/bed vacs for the sanitation of soft and hard surfaces in your home, the Cleanwave Line also has a Travel Pack, allowing you to trust the cleanliness of any soft surface you may encounter when away from home.

But there is another item in your home, that you may want to think about sanitizing, your toothbrush. Within the moist environment of your toothbrush, harmful germs and bacteria can live and flourish long after you’ve finished brushing your teeth and rinsing your toothbrush, but they can be effectively eliminated thanks to the CleanWave Portable ToothBrush Sanitizer‘s powerful UV-C light.

Incorporate Verilux’s Cleanwave products into your cleaning routine and eliminate the unwanted pests that may be lurking within your home.

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