Do Older People Experience SAD More Often?

sad lights

As people get older, they sometimes deal with depression. Their friends and family members might not be around as much, and they can find themselves alone a lot more often. Some enjoy this, but most get lonely. This can be especially bad during the long, dark, chilly winter months when the days are short and there is often less sunlight.

Does Age Matter?

Anyone can suffer from SAD, even young children. Still, though, more older people seem to have depression problems. If they don’t have them all year but only struggle in the winter, they may be dealing with SAD. It’s possible that they had it all their lives and it’s more obvious to them when they’re more alone, or they may have developed it as they got older.

Sunny Climates And Retirement

A lot of older people seem to escape SAD because they retire to sunny climates where there’s less chance of feeling bad in the winter. With the bright sunshine even during most of the winter months, it’s quite possible that someone who might otherwise have SAD would avoid it because of the climate.

Help For Older People With SAD

If you think you might be dealing with SAD, see your doctor. It’s more common than you think, no matter what age group you fall into. Older people are more commonly at their doctors for other ailments, so that’s a good time to talk over any mental health issues that could be a concern.

Getting help for SAD is not that difficult, but taking that first step and reaching out for help often is. Make sure you take that step, so you can get back on the road toward feeling better.