Go Outside To Avoid SAD

sad lights

It’s winter and it is cold.  Obviously, you do not want to freeze, so the common thought process is to assume you should stay inside.  It makes sense.  However, a little time outside in the cold weather won’t hurt anyone – especially if you wear lots of layers!

Avoid The Winter Blues

One of the reasons going outside is helpful in the winter is because it will help you avoid developing conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder and the winter blues.  These mental issues cause individuals to suffer from a winter depression.  SAD is a more severe form of winter depression, while the winter blues is more minor.  However, if you are struggling with the winter blues it could always develop into something worse.  And, sitting around all day will only add to the depression.  It will elevate the symptoms.

Spend A Few Minutes Outside

Therefore, go outside – even if you just take a walk for a few minutes.  You will notice a difference in your mood.  It will help brighten your day and allow you to do something active.  Also, if you are currently suffering from SAD, going outside will help minimize your symptoms.  It is a helpful remedy for your symptoms that you should try to implement as often as possible.