How To Help SAD Without Extra Sunlight

sad lights

When people have SAD they generally feel better when it’s sunnier. They can handle a cloudy day here and there, but they don’t do well in the wintertime, when the days are shorter and there just isn’t much sun at all. Getting extra sunlight is important, but there are other ways to feel better.

Medications For SAD

If you’re struggling with SAD, you may find that sunlamps don’t help you or you don’t have the time to sit near them for long enough. You may also not be able to afford them. With that in mind, you can see about getting medications to treat SAD that don’t require sunlight. Some of these work well for people, but nothing works for everyone.

What About A Pet? 

Pets can help people with SAD because they force people to interact and get moving. If they have to play with their cat or walk their dog, they’re less apt to take to their bed or couch and not do anything, even if they still feel depressed.

A Positive Attitude Is Important

It’s hard to think positively when you’re upset, depressed, and dealing with SAD, but making an effort to remain upbeat and happy is important. Don’t let the SAD that you’re dealing with get the best of you. There are still many things to be appreciative of and thankful for.

If you find that you’re not feeling better despite the things that you’re trying, make sure that you see your doctor. There are always other treatments that you can try, and they may be able to help you feel better, even in the winter months.