Is Your SAD Lamp Working?

sad lights

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a mental illness that affects many individuals during the winter months.  Those that suffer from this disease suffer due to lack of sunlight and serotonin exposure in their lives.  They usually benefit by supplementing artificial light in their life.  They can do this with the help of a SAD therapy lamp.

It’s Been A Few Days

Many people want to know if their SAD lamp is working.  Are you one of these people?  Doctors and light therapy companies will tell you that these lamps will help reverse your symptoms in as little as a week.  However, you as the SAD sufferer might have difficulty noticing a difference.  Here are some ideas to help you recognize how your SAD lamp is helping you.

Ideas To Help

First, keep a journal to document to your symptoms everyday.  This way you will you will see your progress in written form.  Secondly, make sure that you are consistently using the lamp.  Those that take advantage of this lamp will benefit the most from it.  If you are not consistent, you will not see as many benefits from it.  Lastly, if you are not seeing the results you want, consider increasing your dosage.  You might need a little bit more light everyday.