Light Therapy is the Best Solution for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

sad lights

Studies are showing that light therapy is the best treatment for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It should be noted that this research has come a long way. Light therapy is currently the most researched treatment available for SAD and scientists continue to work at discovering the extent of its wide-ranging applications.

The advantages of light therapy in treating SAD are plain to be seen when the treatment is compared to other methods. The primary option is to treat SAD with antidepressant drugs like many other types of depression. Drugs are significantly more expensive than light therapy and they also come with the prospect of side effects. In addition, a drug like Prozac only mimics the effects of the natural serotonin production that light therapy encourages. Recent studies have confirmed that the use of light therapy to treat SAD produces stronger effects in a weeklong treatment period than Prozac can. Further studies show that when the light therapy is calibrated to the patient’s specific circadian rhythms, the response is up to twice as strong.

Light therapy is more natural and more powerful than other treatments for SAD. It is the safest, most tested, option. It is also the most efficient. Light therapy takes effect with a morning application of as little as thirty minutes and can alleviate symptoms in one to four weeks. It does this by mimicking the sunlight the body lacks and triggering an entirely natural response. There is simply no other treatment that can offer these benefits.