. Longer Nights Can Mean Sadder Days

sad lights

When you deal with SAD, you find that you aren’t enjoying things like you used to. Everything seems dull and depressing, and you don’t have much energy for work, fun, or family. If you have SAD and not clinical depression, your symptoms will lift when spring arrives and the days get longer, but they’ll come back when fall and winter returns.

Using Sunlamps To Help You

One of the things you can do in order to alleviate the symptoms of SAD is use a sunlamp. Your doctor can suggest some that will be helpful to you, but you can also do research online to see what’s out there and available. They range in size, intensity, and cost, but they’re all designed to help your body think that the days are longer.

What About Medications?

If sunlamps don’t work for you or they aren’t enough, it’s also possible for you to take medications for SAD, just like you would for clinical forms of depression that last all year round. It’s a good idea to be sure that medication is what you need, though, because they can have side effects. Don’t take it if you don’t really need it. Your doctor can help you make that decision.

Spring Will Come Back

Even if you can’t totally get rid of all of your SAD symptoms, just alleviating some of them or lessening their severity can help you remember that spring is coming. You won’t feel as bad during the winter, and you’ll be able to look forward more easily to the changing of the seasons.

By working with your doctor, you’ll be better able to find the treatments that work best for you. You’ll eliminate some of the trial and error, and you’ll be happier for a longer period of time during the year.