Rise with the Sun – Dawn Simulators

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Dawn Simulators are a great addition to your light therapy sessions, especially if you intend to get up early to do them as is recommended. Since light is one of the triggers that lets our bodies know it’s time to wake up, dragging yourself out of bed in the winter can be extremely difficult. Even if you wake up when it’s technically light out, the sun won’t show itself above the horizon for some time, and your room is much darker than it would be in the summer months. A dawn simulator can help get you around these obstacles.

Dawn simulators basically increase the level of light in your room by degrees as you sleep, slowly informing your body that it’s time to wake up in a way that feels natural. Since it starts before you actually intend to awake and reaches its peak just as you’re reaching for the alarm clock, you feel as though you’d naturally woken up to the light of the sun.

The other great effect of dawn simulators is that they help regulate your sleeping patterns. Not only will you get up in time for your light therapy session without feeling like it’s torture to drag yourself out of bed, you’ll sleep better because your body feels comfortable waking at the same time every day. It is recommended that you go to bed and wake at the same time every day, a dawn simulator helps you do that while also paying heed to your seasonal problems.

While light therapy can help immensely with the symptoms of SAD, including the feelings of lethargy and lacking energy, it doesn’t necessarily help you get a better, restful and quality sleep. A Dawn Simulator can help take care of the sleep factor, while daily full spectrum light therapy will help you stay alert and awake during the daylight hours.

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