SAD And Anxiety: Can They Be Linked

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Many people who have anxiety also struggle with problems like clinical depression and SAD. These are often linked, because a person predisposed to one thing is often predisposed to others that are related. It’s worth consideration, especially if you’re experiencing anxious and depressive symptoms.

What Does SAD Cause?

SAD can cause all kinds of symptoms, but people who have it mostly feel depressed and despondent during the winter months. They get upset and lethargic, and they aren’t as interested in the things that they previously enjoyed.

What Does Anxiety Cause?

When people have problems with anxiety they can get very nervous and tense, often for no reason. They struggle to do normal things, and they’re easily frightened. Some of them are fearful of something specific, and others struggle with a specific place or event. A few can’t even leave their houses.

How Do The Two Combine?

Someone who is very anxious and depressed can really struggle, because the depression feeds on the anxiety until it becomes a vicious circle that’s very hard to break. With SAD, the depression lifts when the days get longer but anxiety over feeling bad again the following winter may remain.

In those instances, anxiety and SAD can be linked and can build off of one another. This makes it more difficult for the person to get treatment that is effective all year long. That’s not to say that there aren’t good treatments out there, but it’s important that they’re used correctly and with the help of your doctor.