SAD: Does Your Ethnicity Matter?

sad lights

When it comes to treating or dealing with mental illness, there are a lot of issues to face. One of the questions that doctors and scientists have is whether your ethnicity matters when it comes to being predisposed to mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, and SAD.

Why Would It Make A Difference?

How someone was raised and the kind of home he grew up in can make a difference in how he sees the world. Different ethnicities, as a generalization, raise their children differently. The values and beliefs that they have aren’t the same. That’s important to keep in mind, because people who need counseling for issues like SAD have to have their doctor relate to them in a way they can feel comfortable with.

Genetics Matter, Too

While all humans are genetically similar, what ethnic group you belong to can predispose you to certain things. SAD can be one of those things, so it’s important to know if you’re in a group where SAD is more prevalent. It’ll help you know what to look for.

See Your Doctor If You Have Symptoms

Anyone who has symptoms of SAD should see his doctor and find out what kinds of treatment options are out there. If you’re careful about what doctor you choose, you can get one that you really like.

Getting a doctor you’re comfortable with is important. It makes you that much more likely to follow his advice. Don’t shy away from getting the help you need, no matter what ethnic group you belong to. There’s no shame in seeking help, for anyone.