Taking Vitamin D Supplements For SAD

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When you deal with SAD each winter, it can really take a toll on both your professional and personal life. Finding the right way to treat it is important so you can get back to the way you feel when the weather isn’t so dreary and the days are longer.

Does Vitamin D Work?

Whether vitamin D works to control the symptoms of SAD is something that’s been debated for a long period of time. There are people who feel that vitamin D is key in making a person feel better, and there are others who don’t think that the extra production of D has much to do with what actually makes people feel better. It’s only a by-product of sunlight.

Are Supplements Better Than Sunlamps?

If you use a sunlamp to help alleviate your SAD symptoms, switching and taking a vitamin D supplement might not help you. While it’s true that your body makes more vitamin D when there’s more sunlight, there are other chemicals at work that are also affected by the shorter, darker days.

What To Ask Your Doctor

When you see your doctor for SAD, ask him about the way you feel and tell him what you’re already doing – if anything – in an attempt to combat it. He can check you out, listen to your symptoms, and help you find a treatment that’s right for you.

If your doctor agrees, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a vitamin D supplement. Just be aware that it might not be enough to treat your symptoms of SAD, and you may still need other treatment.