The Winter Weight

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It’s the middle of winter.  Have you stepped on your scale recently?  If you are like most people, your answer is probably no.  Why?  You already know that you have gained a few pounds.  Traditionally, we all gain a few pounds in the winter.  However, if you did not want those extra pounds around your waist, you might want to start doing something about it.

Why We Gain Weight In The Winter

We gain weight during the winter for many reasons.  However, two of the top reasons are excess eating and inactivity.  Both of these habits are characteristics of individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder – a type of depression that occurs during the winter.  Although winter weight does not mean you have SAD, it is important to evaluate your life and make sure you think twice before eating that extra slice of pizza or avoiding the gym.  What are your reasons for doing so and why?

Avoiding And Losing The Winter Weight

Individuals that are happy tend to maintain their weight through the winter.  Sure they might put on a few extra pounds during the holidays, but they usually lose it after.  Why?  They return to normal activity.  Most likely they are more active and they have a healthier diet than most individuals.