Top 5 Ways To Treat SAD

sad lights

Light therapy is the best way to treat most cases of SAD and helps about 80% of the people who try it.  Light boxes are easy to use at home, and doctors can help you determine the right length of doses.  When using your lamp at home, you can still do normal activities so you aren’t losing any time.

Exercise helps relieve SAD symptoms naturally.  Exercise releases endorphins, adrenalin, and serotonin to boost your mood and immune system.  Since many SAD sufferers experience over eating a weight gain, exercise can help improve body image and prevent those extra pounds from sticking.

Eating healthy can also help control depression by boosting the immune system.  Eat a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables everyday, and avoid high-sugar snacks.  When you eat too much sugar in one sitting, your blood sugar spikes and you will later crash.  When you are already suffering from depression and mood swings, it is best to keep from this sort of cycle.

If these tips don’t work for you, you can always talk to your doctor about medication.  When depression interferes with your ability to function, it is a problem.  No one need suffer from depression, even seasonally.  If you are still suffering, talk to your doctor.

Hopefully, your anti-depressant activities have enabled you to sleep better, and that is really the goal of SAD treatment.  You need to stay on a regular sleep schedule and not sleep too much or too little.