Top SAD Remedies

sad lights

Are you struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder?  While SAD is a less common mental illness, many people still struggle with this type of depression.  The lack of sunlight during the winter can cause problems for several individuals.  And if you are not struggling with the severity of SAD, there is a good chance you might be suffering from a case of the winter blues.  Therefore, it is important that you determine how to remedy the problem; or, at least make it a little bit better.

Light Therapy

One of the most popular remedies for SAD is light therapy.  This option is less invasive than other treatment options.  It does not involve medication.  All you have to do is sit in front of a light for a few minutes.  In a little time, you will notice your symptoms begin to get better.  It is an easy, effective method that many people choose.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to actual treatments, your lifestyle affects how you handle SAD.  If you sit in your house all day, SAD will get worse.  Instead, go outside.  The fresh air will make a difference even if there is no sun.  And so will a little exercise – even if you just take a walk!