What treatments can I seek if I Have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

sad lights

If you have Seasonal Affective Disorder, you may feel like your whole world is in disarray.  Depression is very difficult to deal with, and you may feel like you can hardly cope each and every winter.  In spite of the fact that they’re shorter, the days seem longer and longer and your energy littler and littler.  With each passing day, as the temperature soars downward, you can feel as if your mood is taking a perilous plunge.  You can feel extremely lethargic, only wanting to sleep.  You can lack the energy to do anything and only have the desire to avoid people at all costs.  SAD is a difficult disorder that affects many just like you who deal with shorter days, and little sunlight.  There are effective treatments to help you feel better and enjoy your life, even if the weather doesn’t want you to. 

One of the main treatments for SAD is light therapy.  Light therapy is a suitable treatment for you if you have learned about it and request treatment from your doctor.  It is also good if you have never experienced adverse reactions from light therapy before.  A doctor can also prescribe light therapy as a suitable and needed treatment for your SAD symptoms. 

Light therapy is usually conducted with a light box or SAD lamp.  The lamp projects artificial light and helps patients receive light and its benefits even in the dark, winter months.