Treating SAD With Cognitive Therapy

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Many people think that sunlamps and medications are the only ways that they can treat SAD, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are other options for people, and one of them is cognitive therapy. It’s something also called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, and it works very well for a variety of problems.

Will It Work For You?

That’s something that only you and your doctor can decide. It doesn’t work for everyone, and there aren’t any guarantees. However, it’s not terribly expensive and it doesn’t have any side effects, so there’s no reason for a person who’s suffering with SAD not to give it a try and see it if helps.

How Does It Work?

Cognitive therapy is a traditional, talking kind of therapy. It’s designed to make people feel better about their surroundings and what they’re going through, as well as help them explore problems that they’re having and get through them more easily. It’s not for everyone, but it can help with SAD and other depressive conditions.

What Else Can I Try?

There are other choices besides cognitive therapy. Sunlamps can work for some people, and so can medications. Some SAD sufferers use a combination of things. What works for you is what matters, and your doctor can help you find the right things.

Don’t give up if something doesn’t work for you and relieve you of your SAD symptoms. There are always other choices and options for you to explore. Keep looking for what works to make you feel better.