Where Is The Sun?

sad lights

Have you asked yourself this question recently – where is the sun??  If you have, than you probably live in a colder climate with limited sunlight.  Perhaps you are living further away from the equator.  Regardless, if you find yourself constantly wondering where the sun is, you might be at risk for a mental illness known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.


SAD is a type of depression.  It is unique because it only occurs during the winter months.  The main cause of SAD is the lack of sunlight exposure during the winter months.  This condition can cause a trigger on your brain and affect your mood and behavior.  Many people that suffer from it develop depression like symptoms.  And, if they do not treat them, their symptoms can worsen during the wintertime.

Overcoming SAD

Since you cannot magically get the sun to reappear, you have to be clever when you are determining how to treat SAD.  Although it is a unique type of depression, it is not difficult to treat.  Most people find success using light therapy.  This process mimics the sun and can be performed in a person’s home.  Most lights can be purchased over the counter.  Usually you use them in the morning for a set amount of time.  In time, you will notice a change in your mood and behavior.  Try it today and see if it helps you when you are struggling due to the lack of sunlight.