Will Moving To A Sunny Climate Cure SAD?

sad lights

When people have SAD, they aren’t getting enough sunlight. They get depressed and lethargic during the winter months when the skies are greyer and the days are shorter. That can be very difficult for the person to deal with, and it can affect friends and family members as well as jobs and romantic relationships.

How Does Sunlight Help?

People who have SAD find that they don’t react to sunlight the same way that other people do. They are undersensitive to sunlight, so they feel depressed when the days are shorter. Sunlamps can help these people, but they aren’t always enough to keep them feeling good.

What About The Desert?

Some people who have SAD and related problems move to places like the desert where they can have a lot more sunny days and stay warmer. These people have generally come from the Northeast, the Midwest, or the Pacific Northwest, where the winters are long and sunlight is in short supply.

Is It A Guarantee?

Because of the nature of conditions like SAD, there is no guarantee that moving to a sunnier climate will help someone feel better. It’s a good way to improve the lives of some sufferers, but it’s not for everyone.

Keep in mind, if you consider moving to help your SAD symptoms, that the move might not provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. There are other options, too, especially if moving isn’t an option. Weigh all of your options carefully before you make a decision that will drastically affect your life.