You Are Not Alone

sad lights

Michael Jackson has sung these four words over and over again, “You are not alone.”  Throughout life, individuals long to feel a part of something and avoid situations that leave them feeling left out.  If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you might feel as though you are alone.  However, like Michael once sang, you are not alone.  There are many people that suffer from this condition.

SAD Is More Common Today

Today, it is more common for individuals to be diagnosed with SAD.  Many people question why this is the case.  Is it because there is less sunlight in the sky?  Not necessarily.  The reality is we understand medicine a lot better than we used to.  Therefore, we are much more familiar about rare conditions than we used to be.  In the past, those that suffered from SAD might have been misdiagnosed.  Today, we have a better chance at catching the condition and treating it properly.

Someone You Know May Have SAD

In addition, if you live in a cold area that has limited access to sunlight during the winter, there is a good chance someone you know might have SAD.  In areas like these, it is relatively common for individuals to be affected by the climate and temperature changes.  Thus, if you have been affected, chances are you are not the only person.  Also, the good news is, treating SAD is easy.  Most people find success with light therapy.