Do Your Kids Get SAD?

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During the winter months it has become increasingly common for people to develop a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  SAD, although rare, is not hard to develop.  While certain people are more prone to this condition, circumstances could put you at risk for this condition as well.  And if you struggle with mental illnesses, the development of SAD might be something to be aware of.


SAD is a type of depression.  It affects individuals during the winter months.  The main cause of this disease is lack of sunlight.  During the winter, the lack of sun can cause individuals to be SAD.  However, when the season changes, their symptoms will return to normal.

SAD Stats

The majority of people that suffer from this disease are women.  However, other individuals are at risk.  Many people wonder if they should worry about their kids developing this condition.  The answer is yes.  While they are less likely to develop SAD, some kids still might experience problems with SAD.  One of the reasons to be concerned about children is because if your child does develop this condition, it will repeat every winter.  It is a reoccurring disease.  Therefore, preventing this condition from happening by treating it preemptively is key.

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