Goal Setting And SAD

sad lights

If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you will benefit from goal setting.  Although goal setting is not a direct treatment method for SAD, there are many benefits to applying this practice to help you with your treatment.  Here are some ideas.

Set Daily Goals To Help You Accomplish Tasks

Often SAD sufferers experience a lack of motivation in their lives.  They experience fatigue and mood changes that make it difficult for them to function as they normally would.  If you are experiencing this, you will benefit from setting goals everyday.  It will help you as you seek to have a better outlook on life.

Set Goals To Utilize Light Therapy Everyday

One of the recommend treatment options for SAD is to utilize light therapy.  Sometimes it is easy to forget to use the treatment.  However, the more consistent you are with the treatment, the better results you will have.  Therefore, set goals to proactively use your light box to help you get bet.

Set A Goal To Keep Track Of Your Symptoms

In order to track your progress, you need to be able to evaluate your symptoms everyday.  If you can do this, you will understand where you were and what progress you have made.  However, writing down your symptoms everyday takes effort.  Make a goal to do this everyday.

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