How Does Light Therapy Work?

sad lights

Seasonal Affective Disorder patients often feel desperate for help.  There symptoms are often overwhelming and the depression and symptoms brought on by SAD can push anyone to the edge.  Light therapy is a common solution to this problem.  Light therapy is a preferred and recommended treatment for anyone suffering from SAD

If you suffer from SAD, you have probably heard about, or even experimented with light therapy.  Many who try the treatment report amazing results and incredible improvements in quality of life and symptoms.  If you have never tried light therapy, you may be skeptical.  I mean, how can light seriously improve how you feel right?  The answer may surprise you. 

Light is actually at the core of the problem.  It is actually lack of light exposure that causes Seasonal Affective Disorder.  When the winter months hit, the sun goes away and the SAD symptoms come in.  Inside the body is a hormone known as melatonin.  Melatonin works with the body in several capacities including sleep patterns, immune system and much more.  Lack of sun equals more melatonin production, which means SAD.  Light therapy fixes that.  Light therapy projects florescent, intense light for a period of time to reverse this process and help you feel better.  Just 30 minutes a day with the light box can help.  Usually, patients sit in front of the light box after waking up for best results. 

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