Does Light Therapy Have Side Effects?

sad lights

Seasonal Affective disorder can be a difficult and trying disease.  SAD can have you dreading each winter and barely making it through those long, harsh cold months.  SAD can attack everything from your desire to socialize and be with family and friends to your eating habits.  SAD attacks your energy and leaves you feeling lethargic, slow, and also needing sleep.  SAD can have you feeling as if there is no light in the world, each and every winter.  Fortunately, there are treatment plans to help those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

One of the most common treatments for SAD is light therapy.  Light therapy usually employs the use of some lamp device that provides light.  Those who suffer from SAD lack light exposure and light therapy gives them what they need.  If you suffer from SAD, you might wonder if light therapy really works, and if there are any side effects. 

First, it does work.  Second, the side effects associated with light therapy are relatively mild.  Those who experience side effects can experience headaches,  nausea, eye strain or increased irritability and anxiety.  Many of these side effects, however, are only temporary and occur at the beginning of light therapy.  As the patient adjusts to the treatment and light exposure, side effects will often go away.  It is best to consult

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