Are SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamps Good For Other Depressions?

sad lights

If you have ever had Seasonal Affective Disorder, you probably know about therapy lamps.  No, not the lamps you use to decorate the living room you never use, but the lamps used to help curb the symptoms accompanying SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder is brought on with insufficient exposure to the sun.  Areas that endure long winters, with shortened days and even shorter appearances of the sun are usually feasting grounds for this disorder.  People suffering from SAD often feel extremely tired, have increased appetites and have several mental barriers.  The lamps used for treating SAD provide the light exposure missing during the winter months and help control the outbreak of SAD.  But are these lamps good for other symptoms as well?  Researchers have shown that the answer is yes. 

SAD lamps can be used to treat other depressions.  One common treatment is for sleep disorders.  SAD lamps also help those suffering from Chronic Fatigue as the symptoms are very similar.  Women suffering from premenstrual depression can be helped with the use of SAD lamps.  Even those suffering from bulimia can use SAD lamps as a source of help to fight their disorder. 

Turns out, SAD lamps can help a whole variety of people suffering from any number of depression disorders.  Of course, consulting a physician is always a good decision before you start any treatment plan for depression.

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