Top Activities To Reduce SAD

sad lights

Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder?  If you do, you are not alone.  SAD is a common mental illness that affects many people during the winter months.  Most people use light therapy and medication to alleviate their SAD symptoms.  However, there are also activities that can help reduce your SAD symptoms.  Obviously, sitting at home inside all day does not count, nor does staring at the computer.  However, the following are great ideas.

Take A Walk

One of the most beneficial and easy activities that you can participate in during the winter is going on a walk.  Simply walking can make the biggest difference on how you are feeling.  Try it.  And make sure to take a walk outside.

Spend Time With Others

It is also important that SAD sufferers spend time with others.  They need to make sure to make time for their friends.  Often they will decide against social activities.  However, these activities will greatly benefit their moods and help them with their symptoms.

Start A Project

Lastly, start a project.  Do something fun that you enjoy.  This will be something that you look forward to and are passionate about.  Have fun with it.  Maybe try something new!

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