Wake Up Gently with the Wake Up Lamp from Philips

Wake up and drift off to sleep with the rising and setting of the sun, just the way nature intended. No matter where we live, the natural rhythms of the sun change throughout the year, affecting the way many people sleep - throwing their day to day functioning out of whack. This occurs with much greater frequency in more Northern countries, where the transition from the warm, bright summer weather to the cold, short days of the fall and winter is much more drastic. Irregular sleeping patterns can also affect people are prone to shift and night work - causing them to sleep at times of the day to which the human body is generally not accustomed. The Wake Up Lamp by Philips simulates the natural rhythms of the sun, enabling you to fall asleep to the gradually dimming light of the setting sun, either mixed to the gently fading, built in spa sounds or your favorite radio station. In the morning, the Wake Up Lamp begins to steadily increases the intensity of light over a half hour period until your preset wake up time is reached. Equipped with a range of relaxing spa like sounds and a quality FM radio, you can to wake up gently to chirping birds, wind chimes, tribal drums, ambient melodies or your favourite radio station.  Featuring dual alarms and a snooze setting ranging over 20 levels of brightness, the Wake Up Lamp provides customizable settings letting you find the brightness levels that are just right for your comfort. The Wake Up Lamp also sports a snooze button, set at 9 minute intervals which deactivates both sound and light.

The Philips Wake Up Lamp emits up to 300 LUX of natural sunlight, assisting in regulating the bodies natural circadian rhythms, promoting a healthier, restful nights sleep and a refreshed, alert rise. It has been clinically proven that waking up with light improves your well-being, and several studies have shown that the Philips Wake-up Light truly improves the quality of sleeping and waking patterns.

The Philips Wake Up Lamp features a compact size perfect for any bedside table and sports anti-slip rubber feet for enhanced stability. Constructed with easy to use controls and a simple user interface, the Wake Up Lamp is a perfect choice for anyone, from the technologically savvy to those who may be little more old fashioned.

Never wake up to the screeching jolt of a conventional alarm again and say goodbye to restless nights and exhausted mornings. The Philips Wake up Lamp will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face a fresh new day!


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