Full Spectrum Desk Lamps

Full spectrum desk lamps are perfect for your work space. Full spectrum lighting is less fatiguing for the eyes than fluorescent or incandescent lights. Their similarity to natural sunlight and the flexible adjustments make these lamps adaptable for almost every work situation.

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  1. Verilux SmartLight - White

    Verilux SmartLight - The Lamp For Learning

    Read, Work, Task and Excel… Naturally.

    • Read Faster with Greater Comprehension
    • Study Longer Without Glare, Eyestrain & Fatigue
    • Work Smarter with Improved Productivity & Focus

    Product #: VD12WW1 (White) | VD12BB1 (Graphite)

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  2. Verilux Deluxe Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp - Graphite

    Verilux Original Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp

    The often imitated Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp by Verilux can never be replicated, because over 50 years of research expertise have been spent perfecting the versatility and practicality of this lamp. Equipped with a goose neck and two levels of brightness, this lamp lets you focus illumination where it is needed, while bringing a little bit of full spectrum sunshine right indoors. Learn More
  3. Verilux Heritage Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp

    Verilux Heritage Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp

    The finest reading light on the market is also available as a desk lamp. The Heritage Desk Lamp by Verilux shines bright with a Full Spectrum of natural daylight, while its quality, solid design adds a timeless elegance to any room or office. Thanks to its high output electronic ballast, 150 Watts of daylight is produced from a patented 27 Watt global cooling bulb. Lasting nearly 10,000 hours - 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, the Heritage helps you save money and the Planet.

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  4. Verilux Brookfield Deluxe Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp - Nordic Bronze

    Verilux Brookfield Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp

    State of the art electronics and classic Avant Garde design of the early 1900's collide in the Brookfield Full Spectrum Desk Lamp. Utilizing energy efficient technology, this lamp shine bright with full spectrum daylight from an 18 Watt Global Cooling compact fluorescent bulb. The Brookfield is fully adjustable, letting you direct light where it is needed, while reducing glare and eye strain.

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