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Dawn and dusk simulators help you maintain and regulate your body's natural circadian rhythms which are responsible for producing Serotonin. This natural chemical helps provide you with a wakeful, energizing sleep. Dawn and dusk simulators provide you with a consistent and accurate way to trigger your body's circadian rhythms for melatonin production.

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  1. Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity

    Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity Wake Up Light

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    A sound night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. The Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity Wake Up Lamp provides synchronized sleep and wake programs that provide natural light and sound cues to help you regulate normal sleep and wake patterns. Fall asleep naturally, have a deep restful sleep and achieve a gentle wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Six embedded nature sounds with and without music or FM radio provide options for your wake up cue.

    Canadian customers can buy this Verilux light from our Canadian Store.

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  2. Sunbox Digital Sunrise Clock Dawn Simulator

    Sunbox Digital Sunrise Clock Dawn Simulator

    On Sale For: $129.00

    You have all you need to bring dawn into your room any time you want. Learn More
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