UVC Light Sanitizers Clean your Home without harsh chemicals by Using Environmentally Friendly Light

Verilux CleanWave UV-C Light Sanitizers eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses like H1N1 using the power of UV light. Light sanitizers can sanitize your home without the use of harsh chemicals that can be worse than biological contaminants. Light sanitizers have been popular in Europe for years. Now you can get in on the secret of safe, chemical free sanitizing using light.

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  1. Verilux CleanWave UVC Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

    Verilux CleanWave UVC Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

    On Sale For: $19.95

    UV-C light eliminates 99% of invisible viruses, germs, bacteria, mold and fungi that are the common cause colds, the flu and asthma or allergy outbreaks. Learn More
  2. Verilux Sanitizing Travel Pack

    Verilux Sanitizing Travel Pack

    On Sale For: $109.95

    The Healthy Way To Travel! Say good bye to viruses and unhealthy bacteria that can make you sick. No more trip spoilers! No more regrets! Take the vacation of a lifetime to a tropical paradise WORRY FREE with the Sanitizing Travel Pack! And use it in your own home! Now ONLY 109.95 this is CUSTOM PACKAGED with AMAZING BENEFITS for you and your loved ones. Live the Healthy Lifestyle you deserve! The FANTASTIC Sanitizing Travel Pack Includes:

    • UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand
    • CleanWave Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer
    • Rechargeable Travel Lamp
    Learn More
  3. Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand

    Verilux CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand

    On Sale For: $89.95

    The Verilux UVC Sanitizing Wand utilizes powerful CleanWave Technology to sanitize all your household surfaces instantly - eliminating mold, spores, bacteria and dust mites at the flick of a switch.

    Product #: VH01WW4

    Learn More
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