Verilux Original Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp

The often imitated Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp by Verilux can never be replicated, because over 50 years of research expertise have been spent perfecting the versatility and practicality of this lamp. Equipped with a goose neck and two levels of brightness, this lamp lets you focus illumination where it is needed, while bringing a little bit of full spectrum sunshine right indoors.
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Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price: $59.95

You Save: $20.00 (25%)

Verilux Deluxe Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp - Graphite

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Product Description

The Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp by Verilux leaves the competition in the dust with over 50 years of research, giving it a quality and integrity that just can't be matched. Now shining brighter than before with a full spectrum stream of natural daylight, this lamp boasts a best-in-class Power System, with an advanced Electronic Ballast which ensures zero power usage while the lamp is turned off, while Verilux's Flicker Elimination Technology® assures no-buzz operation and instant-on, flicker-free illumination. The Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp eliminates glare with its Parabolic Grid Diffuser which provides vibrant, real colour and a higher level of black and white contrast.

Providing 150 Watts of bright, natural daylight, the Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp uses a cool burning 27 Watt bulb with a 10,000 hours of life, nearly 10 times that of a conventional incandescent bulb. Utilizing Trucolite Phosphor Technology®, you receive a true, full spectrum daylight, right inside your home. Helping you to better complete tasks without straining your eyes, full spectrum light actually relaxes your eyes as you use the lamp over time.

The Full Spectrum Desk Lamp boasts additional differences over the competition, such as the flexible gooseneck which allows for smooth, quiet adjustments and a three way switch allowing two levels of illumination, letting you customize the light to your needs and comfort level. UL listed in Canada and the US, Verilux widens the gap between themselves and knock-offs on the market because the Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp is backed with a 3 year limited warranty. Why settle for an inferior substitute when you can bask in the Full Spectrum glow of a verily original.

You've seen imitations of this lamp just about everywhere, but that's what they are, imitations.

There's only one Verilux Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp!

This lamp is brighter, produces less glare and helps your eyes and mood better than those cheap imitations. You'll notice the difference instantly! Why not order one today?

Verilux Risk Free Guarantee -- purchase today, and if you decide FOR ANY REASON not to keep your purchase within the next 30 days, Verilux will refund your entire purchase price and all shipping!

Now 20% brighter, the original Full Spectrum "indoor sunshine" lamp utilizes 50 years of research expertise to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers, crafters and computer users. See fine details with ease as exclusive Verilux technologies optimize black-white contrast and reduce eyestrain-causing flicker and glare. This means that you can work longer with less eyestrain - in fact, Verilux full spectrum actually relaxes your eyes the more the lamp is used.

Check out the other differences - the flexible gooseneck adjusts smoothly and quietly, the exclusive Parabolic Light Diffuser totally eliminates glare from a bare bulb, the three-way switch allows two levels of illumination, and the Verilux Original Full spectrumR Desk Lamp is fully supported by a 3-year limited warranty.

The lamp that started the full spectrum craze is available in Graphite, Ivory and Burl finishes to match any decor. And unlike the other imitations, only the VeriluxR Original Full Spectrum Desk Lamp includes the famous energy-saving VeriluxR Global CoolingT 27 W bulb. These bulbs last 10X longer than incandescent bulbs (10,000 hours). Finally, the VeriluxR Original Full spectrumR Desk Lamp comes with the exclusive 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee.

So why settle for an inferior substitute when you can have the Original Full spectrum Desk Lamp from Verilux?

Original Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb

Verilux Original Full Spectrum Deluxe Desk Lamp product code(s):

* VD01AA1 - Ivory Available on November 30th
* VD01BB1 - Graphite
* VD01DD1 - Burl
* VD01MM1 - Pink

* Four attractive finishes match any decor: Ivory, Graphite, Burl wood and Pink . Height adjusts between 15" - 26.5"
* Base measures 9.6"L x 7"W, head measures 9.5"L x 5.75"W x 1.75"H
* Attractive 4-color package with complete instruction manual


UPC 768533954015
Manufacturer Verilux

    The Original Full Spectrum Floor Lamp by Verilux:

  • Daylight lighting shows colors in their true light, providing outstanding contrast, without flicker while relaxing your eyes throughout the day
  • Verilux patented Parabolic Grid Diffuser directs full spectrum light toward your work and away from your eyes
  • Advanced Electronic Ballast System provides instant-on, flicker-free light, while saving electricity as the lamp does not draw power when turned off
  • The Verilux Global Cooling bulb produces bright, white daylight using 1/5 the energy of conventional bulbs lasting 10,000 hours
  • Save, more than $100 over the life of the bulb and Earth friendly by eliminating greenhouse gases
  • Adjustable gooseneck ranges from 15" tall when in a 90 degree position and 26.5" when fully extended
  • Convenient switch location on the lamp head provides three-way light adjustment - high, low and off
  • Guaranteed Performance: Satisfaction guaranteed for 50 years and backed by a 3 year limited warranty from Verilux - the leaders in Full Spectrum indoor sunlight
  • Base measures 9.6"L x 7"W, head measures 9.5"L x 5.75"W x 1.75"H
  • UL listed in United States and Canada.
  • Original Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb

Customer Reviews

  1. Great lamp, but don't try to get it fixed if it breaks Review by Kris Cook

    I've had my Happy Eyes 27 watt desk lamp, VD01, for about five years, and I've been happy with it. But one night a clumsy fumble knocked it into the floor, and it went out. I bought and installed a new bulb, with no luck. The light will not come on. I figured I'd broken a solder joint somewhere, and it could probably be easily traced and fixed, so I called them this morning to find a service center address. To my utter amazement and dismay, they told me tough luck. All I can do is throw that lamp away.

    I know that we live in a "throw-away" society, but come on! That lamp cost a lot of money, not to mention the bulb that I just bought, for absolutely nothing. I will never buy another Verilux product, no matter how good it is. (Posted on 2/22/12)

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