Philips Wake Up Light - Colored Sunrise Simulation

Philips Wake Up Light use light, color and sound therapy to align your body's circadian rhythms (your “internal clock”), waking you up like a natural sunrise would. The Wake Up Light’s color changes from soft dawn reds to warm orange to bright yellow light, simulating a beautiful sunrise.

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Product #: HF3520/60

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Philips Wake Up Light - Colored Sunrise Simulation

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Product Description

Colored Sunrise Simulation, Just Like The Real Thing

Colored Sunrise Simulation

Similar to a natural sunrise, light from the Philips Wake Up Light Colored Edition gradually increases within 30 minutes from soft morning red through orange until it reaches full brightness with yellow light. This gradual changing of color and increase in light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. To enhance the experience, natural sounds or an FM station of your choice starts playing once the light has reached full brightness, getting you ready for the day.

Key Features

5 different natural wake up sounds Plus FM Radio

5 different natural wake up sounds Plus FM radio

The Philips Wake Up Light with Color enhances your wake up experience by bundling 5 natural soundscapes and an FM radio to wake you with gradual sound in addition to colored light. The selected sound gradually increases in volume to your selected level in one and a half minutes.

At your set wake up time natural sound will play to complete the wake up experience and ensure you are awake. The selected sound gradually increases in volume to your selected level within one and a half minute. You can choose from: Bird Song, Birds in the forest, Zen Garden, Gentle piano and Seaside Sounds. The FM radio let's you choose your favorite radio station to wake up to.

Automatic display dimming when the room gets dark

Automatic display dimming

The large up front display is auto adjusting according to the room’s light level. When the bedroom is filled with light, the brightness automatically increases to maintain display readability. When the bedroom is darker the display auto dims to allow you to sleep peacefully.

Tap the light for snooze

Tap to Snooze

Ergonomically friendly, a slight touch anywhere on the Color Philips Wake-up light engages its’ snooze mode. After 9 minutes your set nature sound or radio station will begin playing again.

Philips colored wake-up light is clinically proven to work

Clinically Proven

The Philps Colour Wake Up Light is currently the only scientifically proven wake up light on the market. Philips’ research conducted by independent science facilities has produced a wake up light that can genuinely wake you up naturally and energized. The research have proven that the Philips Color Wake-up Light not only improves your wake up experience, but also leaves you more energized and improves your overall mood during the wake up period.

Philips, wake up light experts with over 100 years of light experience

Wake up light experts with over 100 years of light experience

For over 100 years Philips has been known as a global lighting expert. While they have expanded into other areas, lighting is still the centerpiece of Philips. The Colored Wake Up Light is the latest lighting innovation from its years of knowledge and expertise in the lighting business.

Auto dimming light and sound gently puts you to sleep

Sunset simulation

Light therapy used in Philips’ Wake Up light uses auto light dimming, color changes and sound to simulate a sunset during bedtime using a time you set. Sunset simulation aligns with your circadian rhythms and prepares your body to fall asleep.

92% of Philips Color wake light users agree that it is easier to get out of bed

92% of users say it works

Independent research* shows that 92% of Philips Wake-up light users find it is easier to get out of bed (Metrixlab 2011, N=209).

20 brightness settings, choose what fits for you

20 brightness settings

Light sensitivity is differs for each individual. Light intensity vs time to wake is a very personal setting. The 20 light intensities of the Wake-up light can be set to suit your personal needs up to 300 LUX.


  • Philips Natural light wakes you gradually and gently
    • Colored Sunrise Simulation wakes you in the best way possible
    • Auto light dimming and nature sounds gently put you to sleep
    • 20 brightness settings let you choose whatever suits you
  • Natural sounds wake you gently and comfortably
    • Choose 5 different nature sounds
    • Included FM radio allows you to wake to your favorite station
  • Naturally designed with you in mind
    • Auto dimming display when the room gets dark
    • Tap anywhere to put wake up light into snooze mode
  • Research has proven the Philips Wake Up Light to work
    • The only Wake-up Light scientifically proven to work
    • Developed by Philips, wake up light experts
    • 92% of users agree that it is easier to wake up with the Color Wake Up Light


MPN HF3520/60
UPC 075020031754
Manufacturer Philips
Easy to Use Anti-slip rubber feet: Yes
Snooze type: Smart Snooze
Snooze button for sound: 9 minutes
Number of alarm times: 2
Light Brightness settings: 20
Colored sunrise simulation: Yes. Red, to orange to yellow
Light intensity: 300 LUX
Sunrise simulating process: Adjustable 20-40 minutes
Sunset simulation: Yes
Sound Wake-up sounds: 5
Digital FM Radio Yes
Display Display brightness control: Self adjusting
Technical Specifications Type of lamp: Lumiled Luxeon Rebel
Voltage: 100/240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Insulation: Class III
Insulation Powerplug: Class II (double isolation)
Power: 16.5 W
Power Output Adapter: 12W
Cord length: 150 cm
Safety UV Free: No UV radiation
Weight and Dimensions Weight: 1.113 kg
Dimensions (Height x Diameter x Depth) 19.2 x 19.9 x 14.6 cm
Other Information Country of Origin: China
Warranty: 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty


Customer Reviews

  1. Great Lamp Great Service Review by Tiffany

    This is a great lamp and a must have for anyone. Small, stylish, and gives me more space on my night stand since it replaces both my lamp and alarm clock!

    I received the lamp with a European power cord, but SAD Lamps was very quick to send me the correct adapter before I sent the other one back.

    Very happy with my purchase and will be sure to shop here again! (Posted on 12/11/13)

  2. Waking up refreshed! Review by Sandi

    Since moving over 500 miles north of my hometown 3 years ago, I dread every morning waking up in the pitch dark. Before this lamp, it would take me at least 20-30 minutes to snap out of feeling groggy and tired as I slowly put on a pot of coffee and got my day going.

    Having used this lamp for only 2 weeks, I notice such a big difference in the start of my day. Not only do I no longer feel groggy, but I am up and out of bed 3 minutes before the radio starts and feel the way I do the rest of the year. I'm no longer a zombie for that first 1/2 hour and am more productive getting coffee made 2x faster without a big mess!! This is a must have for anyone waking up before the sun rises, regardless of the time of year.

    This will make the perfect gift for my sister who lives in a basement suite with a windowless bedroom. She can easily sleep past 2 and not even realize it's daytime. (Posted on 12/3/13)

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