Sunbox Sunlight Jr.

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Sunbox Sunlight Jr. SAD Light Therapy Light Box

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Lifesaver Review by pioneer.designs
I have had seasonal depression (SAD) for as long as I can remember. I am 40 Now and have been getting treatment since I was 27. My previous treatment was increasing my antidepressant in the winter in about the end of September through March. I lived in Wisconsin, Where the days are very short in the winter. I would take out my lamp and sit in front of it for 45 min -1hour per day and in December increase it to twice a day. I was able to eliminate the increase of antidepressant medication. And I felt better than ever before! More energy, the SAD was gone. If I felt it coming back, I took another 30 min on the light and it would shoot it down. I started this when I was 29 in 1999, and am still using the light each winter season with the same success. I now live in Texas, and do not have to take it out until Nov 1, but I get the same results. It is now 2009. Thank God for my SunBox! I don't even leave home without it in the winter months. (Posted on 1/17/09)

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