Home Health Lighting: Destroy Bacteria with Light

SAD is not the only illness light can cure. Lamps for home health lighting use UV light to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that cause all sorts of diseases. They're so effective it feels like you're using a laser gun to kill the germs in your home!

How does home health lighting work?

All therapy lamps are carefully designed to exclude UV in their spectrum range because of its strength. When directed against germs however, UV's strength becomes very useful in safeguarding your health. Ever checked into a hotel and got extremely suspicious over the cleanliness of the toilet seat? You were probably right. Germs swarm on toilet seats, towels, sinks, and other everyday objects. In fact, it's been shown that the bottom of a woman's purse could have more germs than a toilet seat!

Home health lighting devices work by delivering concentrated amounts of UV light to the reproductive mechanism of the microorganisms, effectively killing them. The microorganisms either get completely destroyed or they lose their ability to multiply, which means a cleaner, safer home (or hotel room) for you.

Choosing Home Health Lighting Devices

Home health lighting devices to choose from include: UV wands, toothbrush sanitizers, floor sweepers, and many others. UV wands are useful for cleaning seating surfaces at airports, toilet seats in public restrooms, towels, bags, and other objects. Just direct the light-emitting part of the wand at the object, and the light instantly kills germs.

Toothbrush sanitizers are perfect for cleaning your toothbrush, which is a haven for bacteria. Simply put your toothbrush inside the sanitizer to clean it thoroughly. The UV floor sweeper efficiently kills germs on your carpeting and floors while doing the functions of a regular floor sweeper. All of these devices have features that fully protect you from the UV light, so your health is ensured.

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