Home Lighting: Sit back, Relax, Be Cured

Home lighting includes therapy lamps that can serve as home décor. Initially, all therapy lamps were just boxes that emitted light to reduce the symptoms of SAD, which is why they were called “light boxes.” Manufacturers have since realized that therapy lamps would be better if they also function like regular light fixtures at home, and if they also served an aesthetic purpose. Now, many therapy lamps look just like your regular reading lamp or floor lamp, but their medical properties have not diminished one bit.

What are the different types of home lighting?

Therapy lamps for home lighting are available in both full-spectrum and non-full-spectrum. Models today can be categorized into two: desk lamps and floor lamps.

Choosing the Right Home Lighting

To get the most out of your lamp, choose one that sufficiently illuminates your home or office space. It's best to go for full-spectrum lamps because they are more effective in treating SAD. Almost all therapy lamps have controls that let you adjust their brightness. If you want a desk lamp to set up in your bedroom or office, protect your eyes to make sure that it's not too bright.

For floor lamps, select one that has a sturdy centralized pole and base. Don't choose anything that's wobbly or so light that it can fall down when nudged. The lamp head should also rotate sufficiently so you can point the light at the angle you want. Some lamps are designed to reduce the glare from shiny pages, which is a huge plus if you love reading magazines or comic books.

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