Sunbox SunRay II SAD Therapy Light

The SunRay II is identical to the SunRay, except it has two light settings

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Sunbox SunRay II

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Product Description

The SunRay II is moderate in size, light weight and features two selectable light settings.

The high setting provides 10,000 lux @ 23"; 5,000 lux @ 34"; or 2,500 lux @ 49".
The low setting provides 10,000 lux @ 14"; 5,000 lux @ 24"; or 2,500 lux @ 36".

As recommended by leading researchers, the light is delivered at a downward angle for maximum effectiveness. The leg pieces of the desk stand are easily detached and reattached to the back of the unit for portability. Optional carrying case and floor stand are available.

The SunRay provides 10,000 lux @ 18.5"; 5,000 lux @ 23"; and 2,500 lux @ 42".

This is the unit used in the NIH and US Public Health Service studies.

Color: White
Dimensions: 23" W x 15.5" H x 3.25"

Weight: 14 lbs
Dimensions when assembled on desk stand:
24" W x 23.5" H x 12" D

Full set of 4 FBO31/750K Bulbs Included.

All 10,000 LUX SunBox products come with a 45 day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.


MPN SB-717
Manufacturer Sunbox

Customer Reviews

  1. Too expensive Review by Judy

    The people who need these are spending so much on antidepressants/antipsychotic durgs that they can't afford a light box. Do you have payment plans. Are any insurance companies paying for?them? (Posted on 9/1/12)

  2. I have sunbox 1 and it changed my life. Review by Judy

    10,000 LUX still? I started using one in 1989 and finally moved to Denver, CO where it is sunny most of the time. (Posted on 9/1/12)

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