Verilux 26 Watt Spiral Fluorescent Replacement Bulb

Natural Spectrum® Enhanced Daylight

  • Brighter Rooms & Colors
  • Increased Contrast & Clarity
  • Reduced Eyestrain & Fatigue

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Verilux 26 Watt Spiral Fluorescent Replacement Bulb

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Product Description

Natural Spectrum® Enhanced Daylight

Feel and See the Benefits of Natural Spectrum® Daylight

Scientifically Tuned to the Human Eye™

The back of the human eye has light receptors, called cones and rods, located in the retina. Cones respond to different color wavelengths and rods handle depth perception and contrast. Under typical interior lights the rods and cones are not well stimulated, which can cause visual fatigue. With Verilux lamps, the eye responds more efficiently, improving visual acuity and preceived brightness, color and contrast.

This 10,000 hour, 26 Watt Pin Based, Twist Lock replacement light bulb is for use in the following Verilux lamps:

  • Brookfield Deluxe Floor Lamp
  • Legacy Floor and Desk Lamp with Optix Filter
  • HappyLight 2500 Sunshine Supplement Light system
  • HappyLight 2500 Energy Lamp
  • HappyLight Liberty 5000 Energy Lamp

Bulb Disposal Information:
Mercury-containing lamps should be managed in accordance with local disposal laws. Information on how and where to recycle lamps is available at For local disposal information or visit the Verilux Disposal Information Page.


UPC 768533369154
Manufacturer Verilux

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