Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity Wake Up Light

A sound night’s sleep shouldn’t be a luxury. The Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity Wake Up Lamp provides synchronized sleep and wake programs that provide natural light and sound cues to help you regulate normal sleep and wake patterns. Fall asleep naturally, have a deep restful sleep and achieve a gentle wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Six embedded nature sounds with and without music or FM radio provide options for your wake up cue.

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Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity

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Product Description

Sleep Soundly and Wake Up Refreshed and Energized

The Verilux Rise and Shine Serenity Light gives you 15 different light brightness levels to choose from. Choose a color range from natural light to a gentle, calming multi hued color display that offer up to 250 hues. Combined with the soothing natural sounds, this finely tuned harmonious combination of sound and light therapy moves your body to a healthier balance and well being.

Natural sunrise and sunset simulation that mimics increasing morning sunlight and dimming sunset as you fall asleep helps you retain your body’s natural rhythms. Verilux’s Natural Spectrum white light and Calming Colors Illumination helps you fall asleep and wake up with a blend of 250 soothing colors or your choice of any one.

Fall Asleep Naturally, Sleep Peacefully, Wake Up Revitalized

Verilux's Rise & Shine Serenity Lamp aligns the body's circadian rhythms that regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns. This “internal clock” takes external light cues that notifies the body when to sleep and wake. When exposure to natural light is disturbed, your natural sleep patterns get thrown out of whack, leading to disrupted sleep, exhaustion and lack of alertness. Verilux’s Rise and Shine lamp gives your body the external cues to regulate and maintain your normal circadian rhythms.

Synchronized Sleep and Wake Programs For Natural Sleep

Rise and Shine’s Serenity Light programs provide the body cues to fall asleep naturally. Combinations of light, color and sound provide harmonious and gentle sleep and wake cues your body needs.

Advanced Features For Easily Customizable Light and Sound Sleep Programs

The energy efficient LEDs emit Natural Spectrum white light or a transition through 250 hues of the three primary colors. A wide touch sensor allows easy snooze and light control. 15 brightness levels give you smooth transitions from dark to light and light to dark. A large LCD display with dimmer lets you see the time from any viewing angle. Three AAA battery pack offers battery backup and high quality audio produces excellent sound quality for the natural soundscapes or FM radio listening.

Key Features

  • Sleep and wake to a harmonious blend of soothing light, colour and nature sounds:
    • Programmable from one to 15 brightness natural light levels or activate the Calming Colors Light Halo that cycles through more than 250 hues of the three primary colors or your favorite color of choice.
    • Pick one of six soundscapes – two with music, four without – or FM radio, all with excellent sound quality.
  • 15 or 30 minute dawn simulator
  • 5, 15 or 30 minute dusk simulator
  • Energy-saving LED light and display
  • Display dimmer
  • Touch sensor for snooze and light control
  • Battery back-up (three AAA batteries not included) display


UPC 768533941206
Manufacturer Verilux
  • Product Dimensions (L x H x W): 7.6” x 2.5" x 7.3” / 19.3cm x 6.4cm x 18.5cm
  • Weight: 0.93 lbs / 0.42 kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plug Type: Polarized Type A style plug
  • Average LUX at 6": 454
  • Bulb: 21 LEDs
  • One year limited warranty

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