Verilux Sanitizing Travel Pack

The Healthy Way To Travel! Say good bye to viruses and unhealthy bacteria that can make you sick. No more trip spoilers! No more regrets! Take the vacation of a lifetime to a tropical paradise WORRY FREE with the Sanitizing Travel Pack! And use it in your own home! Now ONLY 109.95 this is CUSTOM PACKAGED with AMAZING BENEFITS for you and your loved ones. Live the Healthy Lifestyle you deserve! The FANTASTIC Sanitizing Travel Pack Includes:

  • UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand
  • CleanWave Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer
  • Rechargeable Travel Lamp

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Verilux Sanitizing Travel Pack

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Product Description

The REAL Secret to Staying Healthy and Germ-Free

Millions of families in North America care about their hygiene, and yet, they may still suffer from the symptoms that result from an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria. NO MORE! Don't settle for anything less than vibrant health. What's the secret to staying healthy and germ-free? IMFORMATION and ACTION with the Sanitizing Travel Pack's, three amazing tools.

Did you know these SHOCKING FACTS about germs?

  • The soft plastic headphones used on airplanes create a warm, moist environment in the ear canal that is ideal for breeding bacteria. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
  • On a plane, if the passenger in your seat on the incoming flight had serious gas, then you are sitting on a cushion full of disease-causing microbes.
  • Our homes can house the same number of germs and disease-causing virus as calamity and disaster areas can.
  • Many Hotels only wash their top bedspread once or twice a month
  • The toilet seat is cleaner than your mobile phone.

With the new Verilux UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand say good bye to unhealthy bacteria and viruses.

I have a couch that no matter how much I cleaned it, I would sneeze whenever I sat on it. I always thought it was because of some bacteria or microscopic bugs that must be embedded in the couch cushions that a regular vacuum cleaner could not pick up. I was considering disposing of the couch before I purchased you Sanitizing Travel Wand. After going over the couch with the wand, I no longer sneeze. I am convinced that it is all due to this wand. I have to tell you that I am thrilled that I do not have to purchase a new sofa!
B. Bulat, NE

Hotel rooms contain billions of germs, bacteria and viruses left by countless guests. Now, utilizing the power of CleanWave Technology, the Verilux UVC Sanitizing Travel Wand will eliminate 99.9% of those germs, bacteria and viruses and leave you feeling more comfortable.

The TravelWand:

  • Is convenient for use in public restrooms to effectively eliminate germs on fixture surfaces, on seating surfaces at airports.
  • Is a great, healthy addition to dorm rooms and office environments.
  • Sanitizes your environment without harmful chemicals, conveniently.
  • Note, that the Verilux Sanitizing Travel Wand incorporates a safety shut-off switch to protect eyes from exposure.

The Verilux CleanWave Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer is the safe and easy way to sanitize your toothbrush for better oral care and overall health.

I purchased the toothbrush sanitizer a few months ago. This cold and flu season has been the easiest transition that I can remember!
Jen R

Germs and bacteria thrive on the moist environment of a toothbrush. Leftover plaque and bacteria on the toothbrush live long after you are finished brushing- even after rinsing your toothbrush.

Use the automatic 5-minute sanitizing cycle on the Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer for better oral health.

  • Quickly and effectively sterilizes
  • Eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Helps control the common causes of colds and infections

The Verilux rechargeable Travel Lamp provides Natural Spectrum light while you travel and is a terrific addition to any home or work environment.

The portable flip lamp has 11 powerful LED bulbs to provide the color balance and high contrast that you know to expect from Verilux signature daylight illumination.

The rechargeable Travel Lamp provides up to 4 hours of Natural Spectrum light on a single charge. It can be powered by 3 regular AA batteries, rechargeable batteries or it can be powered by an AC Adapter so you can use it anywhere and for all your tasks.

The Sanitizing Travel Combo will become a travel essential!


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