Verilux SmartLight - The Lamp For Learning

Read, Work, Task and Excel… Naturally.

  • Read Faster with Greater Comprehension
  • Study Longer Without Glare, Eyestrain & Fatigue
  • Work Smarter with Improved Productivity & Focus

Product #: VD12WW1 (White) | VD12BB1 (Graphite)

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Verilux SmartLight - White

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Product Description

SmartLight™ The Lamp for Learning

When it comes to maximizing study time, the SmartLight™ is an ideal study partner. This lamp is designed with Verilux’s patented Natural Spectrum® Daylight, a type of full spectrum lighting that replicates key wavelengths of natural daylight, to help students read faster with greater comprehension, study longer without eyestrain, and improve productivity, focus and concentration. Research using full spectrum lighting in a school setting resulted in significantly greater student achievement when compared to other light sources. And naturally lit study environments have also proven to positively impact students’ abilities to understand study materials, resulting in increased math and reading test scores. The SmartLight combines over 50 years of research to scientifically tune light to the needs of the human eye. At home, college or office, the SmartLight is the perfect study partner.

Key Features

  • Maximize Study Time: Read faster with greater comprehension
  • Reduce Eyestrain & Fatigue: Study longer without glare, eyestrain and fatigue
  • Increase Focus & Retention: Improve productivity, focus and concentration
  • Flexible Gooseneck: Place illumination precisely where needed

Light Enhanced Learning: School Tested, Student Proven

"A study of full spectrum lighting in schools reported that students perform better, have higher rates of achievement and have less stress and improved attendance."
Hathaway, W.E.; Hargreaves, J.A.; Thompson, G.W.; Novitsky, D. (1992). A Study Into the Effects of Light on Children of Elementary School Age—A Case of Daylight Robbery. Alberta: Policy and Planning Branch, Planning and Information Services Division, Alberta Education

"Use of Verilux Natural Spectrum lighting, in a school setting, increased visual acuity (clarity and sharpness of letters) for over 88% of the study participants."
SM Berman Phd, M Navvabb Phd FIES, MJ Martinc OD, J Sheedyd OD Phd and W Tithofe Phd , A comparison of traditional and high color temperature lighting on the near acuity of elementary school children, Lighting Res. Technol. 38,1 (2006) pp. 41-52.

"Students in daylit schools had higher reading and math achievement scores."
Nicklas, M.G.; Bailey, G.B. (1997). “Daylighting in Schools.” Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment; Vol. 17, No. 2; pp. 41–61

Replacement Bulb: Patented 10,000-Hour 27 Watt Bulb - CFML27VLX


UPC 768533911537
Manufacturer Verilux
  • Lamp neck extends to 26.5 inches
  • Base: 8.0” x 6.25”
  • Height: 15”H in a 90º position, 26.5” extended
  • Cord Length: 6 ft
  • Weight: 4.75 lbs
  • cETL rated in the United States and Canada

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Verilux SmartLight User Manual

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